As you have probably noticed, we are experiencing temporary difficulties due to the failure of the main server (it got damaged while it was being transported a block to a new facility, rendering it unable to boot up). I expect most services to be back up within a couple days, roughly.

If you have been using email with your domain (, you should send an email to me at (or call 310-403-5007).  Please list the emails you use, and the passwords you would like set for each account, and any forwarding address you want set (optionally). Some use aliases as well, so please specify them ("boss@ is an alias for john@").  If you email, be sure to use one that I don't host (such as a yahoo or Gmail or ISP account).

Also, very importantly, if you use IMAP for your email on one or more accounts (setup in Outlook or Thunderbird or some similar email client, or even iOS), you should let me know (so that I delay setting up the email account, so that you have an opportunity to archive the messages you already have cached in at least one of your local email clients (in Outlook, that would involve creating a PST archive and then dragging and dropping all your current messages into it, for safe keeping). 

Note that if your email functionality is critically important to you, mention that in the email, and I will prioritize it for re-configuration.

We are having the failed hard drive professionally dismantled and repaired, in hopes of recovering the web and email files from it. It may take upwards of a week or so for that process (and it may fail). 

But in any case, over the next couple of days, I'll be setting up folders for all the active websites, and making FTP active (and FrontPage extensions if appropriate - it would help if you mentioned that you no longer use FrontPage, if you used to use it, so that I avoid setting it up unnecessarily). For the roughly half the sites that the content was not lost (due to being on another hard drive) I will migrate the existing web content over as soon as feasible. When you see something other than this notice at your web site, you should be able to FTP in. You can also elect to send me an email, with your main domain in the subject line, asking to be notified (at your preferred email address - one I don't host).

Also, if you don't have a copy of your website to re-upload when your folder is ready, let me know about that situation so that I can check either the remaining good drive, or perhaps the failed drive (if the recovery pros are successful), for your content, to be restored.

Sorry for the inconvenience, as we wade through this recovery.